Indian Youth Club is a Non-Profit making, Non-Government, Voluntary organization based in India & working for the youth empowerment. “Indian Youth Club” is a platform provide the young generation to put forth their views to bring Positive Change in the Society so as to make it a better place for Living.

Our Vision

Indian Youth Club says the great challenge of transforming India can be achieved through youth which has got the power of ideas, ambition and ability.

“This resource of the youth is an important building block for transforming India into a developed nation. If you have an aim in life, realise that spent time cannot be recovered. Indian Youth Club is organized to serve as a platform for the people belonging to each class like leaders, professionals, students and policy makers to define their perception of the global Indian and discuss the wave of new imagination that is spurring the nouveau Indian to create unprecedented opportunities.

“Hence the precious time has to be used for achieving the goal, have confidence to win, have confidence to defeat the problems and succeed and have a righteous heart; you will definitely succeed in all your missions,” Indian Youth Club says.

Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you. We can assert without fear of contradiction that the quality of the Indian mind is equal to the quality of any Teutonic, Nordic or Anglo-Saxon mind”.

The youth can contribute to India’s success and progress only if they are equipped with skills and knowledge. Youth without relevant skills and knowledge can actually derail the economy and create more trouble for the country. Therefore, it’s high time that the policy planners of the country make plans to nurture the youth and their aspirations. The plans should be able to harness the potential of the youth. Governments are rolling out initiatives for all round progress of the youth. Still much needed be done. The youth are also expected to grow mentally to be competent enough to play an important role in the nation building. Their dedication, hard work, innovativeness and quest of knowledge will not only help them to lead a satisfied life but will also be their contribution towards making India a superpower as dreamed by one of the role model of the Indian youth.