Indian Youth Club Organization: Against Corruption (IYCO) vows to fight against corruption in government offices across the state. As part of their anti-graft crusade, IYCO members have warned wrongdoers of bringing their misdeeds to the notice of the public.
While Indian Youth Club demands for more transparency in the system and more accountability in governance and the question of eradicating corruption has become imperative to save the country and guarantee employment as well as basic rights to the common people. It has now become the duty of each and every one of us who wants to do something to save the country from being sold and destroyed to strengthen the movement against corruption. We have to pledge to unite people against neo-liberal policies, institutions, corporate companies and governments responsible for corruption and also against those engaged in corruption.

Citizens face corruption in every sphere of their lives – including healthcare, education, rations and all other rights. But corruption today is not only a matter of morally corrupt individuals. Rather it has been institutionalized by the present phase of rampant privatization policies that have opened the doors for corporate loot of extremely valuable resources like land, minerals, spectrum, etc in the country. These policies have resulted in an unprecedented increase in the scale of corruption, leading to scams amounting to lakhs of crores in these sectors like minerals, natural resources and spectrum.
Indian Youth Club eager to take steps to prevent corruption in the higher education commissions set up for providing employment to students and youth, and also in all other commissions set up for giving employment and also to establish transparency in their recruitment procedures.

How to eliminate corruption in India
Many people think that only government has responsibility for eliminating corruption and we often blames the government; however in view of the level of corruption and the existing framework that we have in India, it is very clear that government alone cannot stop corruption. If we, the people of India and civil society institutions remain unconcerned and hopeless in fighting against corruption then it can never be eliminated or even can’t be reduced. Indian Youth Club thinks that it is the responsibility and duty of every Indian to fight against corruption and IYCO wants to take some actions to promote honesty and integrity and contribute in the motion of ‘Honesty’ in India. We need to promote Excellency and teach our young generation the actual meaning of success.
No matter what your position is, what your age is, whether you are a government employee or working in a private sector, a student, a retired person or even a housewife, each and every individual has the ability to contribute in eliminating corruption in India and push government, civil society and policy makers to implement more measures at each level.

Furthermore, fighting corruption requires more than government policy, laws, tools and legal system; it requires awareness of our social responsibility, moral values, excellence in our daily work, etc. We need role models, campaigns, debates, and many different approaches to educate our people, to inspire our young generations, to change the mindset of corrupt people and to tackle with every cause. Moreover it needs willingness, commitment and active participation of media, civic associations, voluntary groups, teachers, students, social workers, etc.
So don’t sit back; every one of us needs to come forward and take actions. If you are not affected today you will be affected tomorrow.

Our media can help to bring awareness of these kinds of initiatives, so that others also can learn from them. We have so many TV channels in India, if these channels start inviting role models, social workers, celebrities and youths on one platform to hold debates/discussions and bring awareness of consequences of the increasing corruptions, IYCO believe people will become more active in fighting corruption and improve their ethical qualities.

The media can interview general public, government officers, etc., if they know about Citizens Charters.

Our Indian Youth Club Organization can also play a major role in teaching moral values & integrity to our young generation. To bring the awareness and educating the young generation in upholding the honesty, they can also organize debates, discussions and plays in school to encourage the new generation to be an honest citizen.

If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” Join the ‘Indian Youth Club Organization’ on to build a network of the honest people in India like you to share your thoughts and ideas, forward this to all your Indian friends to create more awareness.