Indian youth club organization’s aims to establish an effective crime-solving support system in India , in order to make the streets safe and secure; reduce fear of crime, and of authority, among the public; increase people’s confidence levels in the system, and help ensure justice to victims of crime.
Indian youth club organization is a support system to the police and the law, where information provided by the public helps fight and prevents crime, the ultimate objective being to make our streets safe and secure.

Indian youth club organization aims to become the most effective crime-solving tool in the country and to be perceived as such by communities and stakeholders. We will continue to reassure the public by increasing detections, therefore reducing crime and disorder and the fear of crime. We will engage the public in our activities, promoting active citizenship.

Indian youth club organization known widely to be an independent charity will be nationally recognized as a significant contributor to the fight against crime. Primarily helping the Police to solve crimes it will also help all sectors of the community to prevent and reduce crime, support the Police, and shun a life of crime themselves. All parts of all communities will have confidence in the Indian youth club organization process.

A 24/7 high quality anonymous information handling operation will be its core, accepting all possible means of communication.’Indian youth club organization’ objectives will be delivered by two supporting operations.

• To encourage use of the anonymous phone line, and other means of communications, including improving the quality and focused effect of calls. This, supported by projects and campaigns will gain the public’s support in helping to solve crimes.

• To reduce crime, though engagement with people, particularly with the young and in those communities most affected by crime.

Indian youth club organization headquarters Office located in Delhi will run an effective communications hub supporting appeals, seeking public support and engaging the media. Public funds from well meaning individuals and organizations will pay for its core budget (staff and running costs), in recognition of the service that Indian youth club organization delivers to the Public Sector. Indian youth club organization itself will raise funds for activity, campaigns, rewards, and programmes of awareness education and engagement.