Terrorism is the greatest threat for emerging India and it will become major impediment on the way of becoming super power. We have to fight against that. The whole world is seeing that India is booming. We will face many obstacles to maintain our growth. We cannot blame alone to politicians and police for this. We all are equally responsible for this. It will be better if we can understand this as soon as possible and fight against repulsive forces.

Indian Youth Club Work for people of India:

First of all every citizen should feel that they are a proud Indian. County should come first not religion. If somebody is doing terror act he is of no religion and he has to be punished. Nobody should take bribe to facilitate these terror jobs. Who is doing this act they are equally responsible for terrorism in the county and they should be treated like terrorists. Please don’t help terrorists. Everybody should be equally alert and if you found some susceptive elements you should inform to police and you can also contact.

Indian Youth club or any of its members and we will inform the concerned authorities immediately.
Indian Youth club also think we can start with maintaining the security of important areas like Railways/Port areas / Airports that every passenger come to the checking place and co-operate. It will consume sometime of passengers but they will understand. The followings are to be considered when we are talking about terrorism and how to crack down the terrorism.

1. Identify what are the reasons of terrorism.
2. Distinguish between religious terrorism and other terrorism.
3. Politicians are keeping away from religious favoritism.
4. Identify, who are the sponsors and bring them to law.
5. Implement rigid rules against the individuals who are supporting these terrorists by giving living space, vehicles, and communication devices.
6. Withdraw all privileges of these culprits who are giving living space to these terrorists, as a punishment.
7. Social organizations should to take a lead to bring all religious fraction preachers and dignitaries to dialogues, and made some constructive decisions to guide the youth to right path.
8. As more educated persons are involved in terrorists activities, once found guilty bare these individuals from getting employment under government sector and private sectors, and with their educational qualifications.
9. All parents to watch closely their children’s movement and if found they are associated with anti-national activists bring them to counseling and try to bring back them to normal.
10 All of us take the initiative, if happens to see any personals who are involved terrorist activities, bring to attention of police.

If we can maintain the above all are our obligations and duties to our nation as we are enjoying privileges as our rights, we are able to maintain our internal security as good as much.
To control terrorism please consider the followings:

1. Tourists movements are to be monitored properly by intelligence and by local police authority.
2. All mobile/land line, Pre-paid/post paid SIM card providers should be vigilant as much as to avoid supply SIM cards to wrong persons, only issue SIM cards to persons with proper identities like opening bank accounts.
3. Recruit qualified unemployed personals as part time officers to intelligence department in all populated/pilgrim/business hub areas for to locate/monitor suspects’ movements.
4. Give free training to fishermen to locate the sea-going terrorist activities.
5. Government takes a lead to form local intelligence group of residents and be guided by local police officers, to enable residents more on locating terrorists.